Quenching The Developing World’s Thirst For Water

Israeli technologies and experience provide solutions for water conservation, desalination and management

Population growth, economic growth and climate change will mean that almost half the world’s population will be living in areas with high levels of water stress by 2050. Almost all of them will be in the developing world, where hundreds of millions of people currently lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Water is essential to health; over two million people in the developing world die every year from water-borne diseases. Water is also essential to agricultural production, to energy generation and to economic growth. More than two billion jobs are either heavily or moderately dependent on water.

According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, the return on investment in water supply and sanitation services can be considerably high, especially when broader macroeconomic benefits are taken into account. For every dollar invested, the economic development return is estimated at between $3-$5. The water industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, worth some $600 billion.

Israel, a country that is 60% desert, has gone from a country suffering severe water shortages to a world leader in water management: It recycles close to 90% of its water, the leading country in the world. It is the global leader in reusing wastewater for agriculture. 

Thanks to drip irrigation, invented in Israel, the country’s water efficiency in agriculture is between 70-80%, the highest rate in the world. Some 50% of Israel municipal consumed water comes from desalination. Israel’s national Mekorot water company registers only three percent water loss, the lowest rate in the world, compared to 15% in developed countries and 35% in developing countries.

Israel is a model for the world of what can be done and how it can be done. Israel has the technological devices and the operational approach.” – Seth Siegel, Author of Let There be Water: Israel’s Solution for A Water-Starved World 

IMPROVATE as a platform to bridge the developing world with innovation and technology will provide access to a wide range of water tech solutions, from desalination to water and wastewater management, irrigation and water security.

For the hundreds of watertech companies in Israel, IMPROVATE will provide access to markets in the developing world, bringing technologies to leaders and businesses. Innovative solutions and solutions that have already been used successfully around the world, will be on display at IMPROVATE’s launch conference in Israel in June 2021, which will take place with the participation of senior government official and business leaders from developing nations, and representatives of leading technology companies.

With global water demand expected to continue increasing to some 30% above current levels by 2050, and with climate change putting increasing pressure on water resources, ensuring stable water supply will be critical to continued economic growth, stability and prosperity in the developing world.