Since the company’s formation over five decades ago, ELTA Systems Ltd. (ELTA) has established its leading position in the local and global markets as a systems house developing state-of-the-art solutions for Defense, Paramilitary, Government and Law Enforcement customers as well as for the civilian market.

ELTA develops, manufactures, integrates and supplies a wide-range of products used to assist the company’s customers in a vast assortment of missions: Situational Awareness Picture (SAP) solutions, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Electronic Warfare Systems, Homeland Security (HLS), Force Protection, Self-Defense, Fire Control applications, Multi-mission vehicles and boats, mine sweepers , Communication Systems, aerial and land-based robotics, C4I and Cyber Solutions. ELTA’s comprehensive solutions are primarily based on in-house developed advanced electromagnetic sensors (e.g. AESA RADAR, COMINT, ELINT) with related SIGINT, IMINT and GEOINT exploitation capabilities, Gallium Nitride (GaN) material, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies. 

ELTA’s solutions are tailored specifically to customers’ requirements for the purpose of protecting one’s sovereign and/or entity. The solutions can be deployed under or above ground and water, through cyberspace, in the sky, and in space.

ELTA’s proven advanced products and solutions are driven by the company’s experience in analyzing complex operational problems and implementing integrated, multidisciplinary solutions. Furthermore, ELTA’s close relationship with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) provides the company with real-time operational feedback and combat experiences, thereby enabling ELTA to extract crucial data from the feedback and integrate it into all our products. The end result is the successful deployment of our solutions across the globe combined with a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Located in the port city of Ashdod, ELTA’s modern industrial complex covers an area of 130,000 square meters with 3,500 very skilled employees, most of which are experienced scientists, engineers, computer specialists and technicians. A high percentage of ELTA personnel earned their initial professional experience while serving in IDF elite combat, technological or logistics units, and many of them still maintain active reserve duties. ELTA maintains a variety of unique technological excellence centers, state of the art facilities and national infrastructures which includes holdings in subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Israel, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific, and has teamed with numerous defense companies around the world.

Over the years, ELTA’s innovative solutions have successfully heeded to customers’ complex operational requirements which have contributed to the company’s worldwide reputation as a top-tier defense manufacture. ELTA is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards, such as receiving fourteen times the most prestigious Israel Defense Award.

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Development of advanced defense and intelligence electronics, including sensors, radars, electronic warfare and communication systems.

Products & Services

Air & Space

» Air Defense Radars
» Special Mission Aircraft
» Airborne Radars
» Airborne SIGINT & EW
» Communication & Intelligence (C4I)
» Space SAR Radar


» Land Defense Systems
» Force Protection
» Ground-Based Radars
» Ground-Based SIGINT & EW
» Communication & Intelligence (C4I)
» Autonomous Ground Systems


» Naval Radars
» Naval SIGINT & EW
» Communication & Intelligence (C4I)

Cyber & HLS

» Cyber Solutions
» Homeland Security

Life Saving Technologies

» Tamar - Physiological Sign Remote Monitoring

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